The Course

Our five-week course goes proudly over and beyond many existing courses. Charles and Nathan have many years real-life experience in public speaking, to achieve a confident presence before an audience, and hold their interest. This allows information to be conveyed simply and intelligibly, a skill we seek to pass on to our students. We feel that every business deserves to have employees with the very best speaking and communication skills.

Week 1: Ice Breaker

Participants prepare a speech in advance in which they introduce themselves. This literally breaks the ice between participants. Participants evaluate each other with mentorship and advice from the workshop leaders.

Week 2: Impromptu Speaking

Impromptu speaking is a hallmark of any leader. It is only fair that everyone should have the skill to suddenly be able to deliver a powerful and concise speach before an audience.

Week 3: Evaluate with Story Telling

The best type of speech is really a kind of story. By telling a story, speaking becomes easy and speakers become passionate and effective.

Week 4: Informative

In the workplace, rapid communication is essential in delivering any presentation. Presentations should be short, powerful and effective, keeping a central focus in mind. Here participants prepare a speech in advance related to their work, if they so choose.

Week 5: Debate

We learn best when we are having fun. Participants can now pit their newly-won communication and speaking skills against one another in an entertaining final session, before receiving a certificate.


About Charles

An experienced speaker, Charles speaks with enthusiasm and purpose. He has formerly run a tour business and is a published author in the field of public speaking. He also runs workshops in human intuition and historical examples of leadership. (Below: Charles in action)

"Charles' workshop was energising from the get-go. He has a natural humour and passion that draws you in. He is also a history buff and I was enthralled by the stories of times past where intuition and confidence have led to amazing feats. I generally don't like workshops that go for more than a couple of hours but this one had me engaged all the way through. It was highly activities based and as a result I got lots of time to reflect on myself and connect with others on topics I care about and don't get to explore day to day. I'd highly recommend Charles' workshops to anyone wanting to feel energised doing a mix of light hearted and deeper work. Thanks for the wonderful experience Charles!"" Sasha

"I would like to check out Charles Kos again. He is a great speaker and his talks are good! I attended a month or so ago and would love to go again!"" Kishin

Charles delivering seminar

Charles delivering seminar

Charles delivering seminar

About Nathan

All who have heard him quickly agree that Nathan is a phenomenal speaker. He has exhibited a long-standing passion in regards to teaching effective speaking and communication skills. Nathan is an interpersonal-communcation expert. He will soon seek to make your group as effective communicators as they can be. (Below: Nathan in action)

Nathan delivering seminar

Nathan delivering seminar

Nathan delivering seminar

Why we are the best

Unlike other speaking companies we emphasise passion and enthusiasm. It has been our experience that when you communicate with enthusiasm, you garner a higher commission, faster. That is good business.

Our product will help you save money, make money, and not just from increased sales! Internal process improvements from having employees who can communicate better, is another bonus. Did you know that for years, Apple struggled because they tried to sell a white Iphone in China. It is their colour of death. While westerners appreciate less the gold Iphone, it is a roaring success in China. A simple lapse in internal communication was responsible for lost sales. By being better at public speaking, your team will also be better at interpersonal communication.

In buinsess, everyone is after your key customers. Often your most personable, direct, and enthusaistic representative will have a chance to grab that sale from other more established or recognised brands. It is training which separates the good from the best. We will help your team capture the attention of key customers. We can help your members to find a simpler, personable and direct message which can carry the deal, a key rather than complex selling point.

We look forward to working with you.

Contact: (Corporate Customers):

Nathan Berriman: 4 23880504

Best Regards.