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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a public-speaking team, (Charles Kos, Nathan Berriman), and we are just truly passionate about teaching public speaking. We proudly run workshops, especially for corporate team players. This is to dramatically improve their effectiveness, confidence and presentability, while speaking.

Charles Kos, Nathan Berriman. Public-Speaking Experts.

About... Speak with Ease, Workshops

We proudly run workshops, especially for corporate team players. This is to dramatically improve their effectiveness, confidence and presentability, while speaking. We thank you for visiting our site.


We are a team made up of Mr. Nathan Berriman (Interpersonal-Communication Expert) and Dr. Charles Kos (Publisher, Leadership-Skills Specialist), Advanced Toastmasters and public speakers, of combined many years public-speaking experience. We bring a unique and well-honed philosophy towards making public speaking easy and practicable for most if not all persons who otherwise feel that they struggle.

What we provide

Working as a team, we provide a unique and professional, (and we think very effective!) five-times, one-lesson-per-week course. This will transform your team into significantly more-effective speakers and communicators. Worksheets and all required information is provided. Members of your group will `learn by doing' and stand up and speak, with assessment from their peers, and further direction from Charles and Nathan. The course is captivating and effective: there is even a `debate'. At the end, there is a graduation certificate and small `awards ceremony' to highlight the breakthrough-achievements of individual members of the class. Your team will feel they have really achieved, and they will have!

Why are we in this business?

Many people go through life fearing public speaking. Sadly, it can rank as one of life's greatest fears. We want to help change all that! Through our combined experience, we have realised that public speaking in all its forms is a skill that can be learned and perfected; we believe, by almost anybody.
Like all skills, once you are off to a good start with an effective grounding, in a supportive atmosphere we can provide, fear vanishes. It is replaced by excitement, and ability!
As far as personal rewards go, it is a real pleasure to see people transform from reticent, towards approaching something like `pro-level.' We enjoy the excitement in people's faces, as they realise they have locked new speaking skills under their belt, by the completion of the course.
We believe that our product, is over and above that delivered by many of our competitors in the speaking industry. This is on a value, as well as an effectivity basis.

Nathan Berriman
Nathan Berriman

Dr Charles Kos
Charles Kos

Our Unique Philosophy

`Speaking rules' are all very well to learn but we believe that each person is already blessed with a pre-existing, captivating unique style and natural charisma. With guidance, this can to be nurtured and brought to the fore. It is possible to turn a shy and unwilling speaker into a 'pro'. By instilling the right philosophies in students, we have both witnessed a remarkable transformation in people, in a matter of weeks.

Please see our facebook page at left for regular updates. Please click the Course tab for information on what we offer. We run a once-a-week evening course for five weeks. Turn your team from reticent, or already well-established speakers, to more advanced performers.

We look forward to working with your team soon.

Best Regards,

Charles Kos, and Nathan Berriman.